Kiening : Genealogy northwest of Munich/Bavaria

Genealogy is the search for your own ancestors. This is a collection of data from people in the form of Property (house) Books for the districts Munich, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Dachau, Freising, Friedberg, and the parish Hahnbach /Oberpfalz. Property Books are the collection of people who lived in one house over the period of several hundreds of years. Sometimes the property stayed in one family that long, but most often properties were traded frequently. If you have some of your roots in these areas, you might find quite a few ancestors here. Good luck! 

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The author cannot recommend an automatic translation. Since a maschine translates everything including names, the results come out quite wrong and very misleading. Most of the content of the pages are names. The few other terms can easily be determined with the help of the abbreviation/translation list

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Description of the investigated region: The Farmland around Dachau.

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